What is hospice?
Hospice Care is a combination of a healthcare program and services designed to meet the special needs of patients and their loved ones in times of crisis due to terminal illness, for which the patient chooses comfort and relief from pain and other symptoms instead of electing aggressive treatment. The decision to elect Hospice Care is a personal choice. This choice enables freedom and respect for people who are close to the end of their journeys. Choosing hospice services allows them to consider a plan for the changes and struggles they are facing. Hospice care nourishes every minute of a person’s life, making it more dignified and appreciated.
Who pays for hospice care?
Hospice care is covered under Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans. Hospices may also accept payment from those who are able to self-pay without insurance. We may also rely on assistance coming from donations, grants, gifts, and community sources, with the help of our volunteers.
Who are eligible for hospice care?
  • A hospice patient must have a prognosis of six months or less if the disease runs its normal course. The prognosis must be certified by the patient’s primary care physician as well as the hospice medical director. Hospice care can continue beyond six months as long as the patient continues to meet eligibility criteria.
  • Both the patient and family must have made the choice to receive palliative care instead of curative treatments and agrees with comfort measures for continuing care.
Where are hospice services provided?
DEVINE HOSPICE CARE takes care of its patients in the comfort of their own homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Residential Homes, Board and Care, and Skilled Nursing Facilities.
What services will you be provided?
DEVINE HOSPICE CARE offers a haven for those who are experiencing one of life’s greatest challenges: end-of-life. We provide medical social services, spiritual counseling, trained volunteers, on-call services 24/7, and bereavement services. We will be there for you.